─ I wake up every day excited to discover creative solutions and teach others how to do the same.

Product Designer,
& Minimalist @ <3

I design applications that impact people's lives, and I love what I do.

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Currently, I am helping reshape the culture at a large aerospace company, by demonstrating the value of design on product teams. I have several case studies that exemplify this effort which are pending approval for public release. Fingers crossed.🀞

You can check out what my team has accomplished here.

I’ve picked up a few things along my journey.

There are a number of ways that I show up and add value, but here is a concise list of the accountabilities that I own in my job in no specific order.

Creating Concepts

Most people believe an app will solve all their problems, but I help stakeholders better understand what they are truly trying to solve. By better defining the problem space, ideas can be generated around key fundamentals to build and iterate upon.

Visualizing Ideas

People better relate to an idea when it is visualized. Whether they are physical or digital, I bring ideas to life to streamline communication and resolve assumptions. This practice helps everyone understand the story a business is trying to convey.

Pushing Pixels

My main obsession is creating pixel perfect designs. The User Interface (UI) is the most tangible aspect of a product, which is incredibly hard to translate through words alone. The right UI design keep developers on track and a product building toward success.

Building Products

Creating products that are useful, useable, and desirable requires a balanced team with an agile mindset. I will jump into grooming the backlog, troubleshooting the CSS, or anywhere in between to ensure a product's success.

Crafting Solutions

The user experience lies at the heart of all products, and a great experience is rooted in the right solution to an actual problem. After that comes the process of making something simple and easy to use, and I own that responsibility.

Workshop Facilitation

Put me in front of a crowd with an eager desire, and I will do anything and everything I can to empower them. People need ideas and processes articulated in a way that is relatable. I enjoy bridging that gap for others.

Side hustles are cool, here’s what I’m up to.

Signal: Making podcast advertisers smarter

Podcasts have become a πŸ”₯ spot for advertisers recently. I designed an analytics platform for podcast advertisers as a part of a design challenge to show my process which included research, sketching, and polishing.

Talk to a Local: Connecting travelers with passionate locals

Helping people realize their dreams is a passion of mine. When a colleague shared his vision for his business, I jumped at the opportunity to help that become more tangible by keep things lean and polishing ideas through design.

Medium Declutter Tool: Reduce the noise

Like the content on Medium, but also don’t like forking over money for a subscription service? There is so much pay wall content taking up precious screen real estate, that I decided to build an extension for Chrome that removes the premium articles from my main page.

Everyone has a story and this is mine.

Shortly after graduating from undergrad at Georgia Tech, my wife and I moved out to Charleston for my job. It’s taken a relentless pursuit of personal reflection and trial-and-error, but I am lucky enough to have found my passion. I have continued to supplement my growth as a Designer by earning an MBA, speaking at conferences, and coaching other aspiring designers. I have had the privilege to work with Pivotal Labs, and set the foundation for the future of UX design.


A passion my wife and I share together is the love for exploring new places, especially with cultures different from our own. A goal we set for ourselves is to travel somewhere new every year, ideally internationally. This enables us to escape from the daily grind, refresh our hearts and minds, and be inspired.


Making cool stuff pays the bills, but I have other interests that make life interesting to me. I wouldn't say this is comprehensive, but it answers the question - "so what do you like to do for fun?"

Airbnb Superhost
Charleston Hurricanes Lacrosse
Goldendoodle Dad
Awaken Church Member
Health Nut


I like to breakdown a manageable objective each month. Feel free to ask me how it's going, or hold me accountable to make sure I cross the finish line.

πŸ†• Sep | 15 hours of drone flights
βœ… Aug | Try 2 new recipes
βœ… July | Read 3 Fiction Novels
βœ… June | Catch all 151 Pokemon in Yellow
βœ… Apr | Build a WebGL experience
βœ… Mar | Train for Cooper River Bridge Run 10K
βœ… Feb | Attend 12 Yoga/Barre Classes
βœ… Jan | Build a Chrome Extension
βœ… Dec | Passion Project
βœ… Nov | Train new puppy!
βœ… Oct | 4 Design Blog Posts
βœ… Sep | Deploy Personal Website
βœ… Aug | Inc. Designer Network
βœ… July | Start Airbnb
βœ… June | Run 10 miles straight